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When it comes to DIY, there are several types of screws. The latest addition is the Torx Screw, which is already arousing enthusiasm among the most seasoned DIY enthusiasts, especially professionals. What is it and how can it help you? Presentation of the one that could soon complete your toolbox.

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What is Torx Screw?

Torx screw is therefore the last type of screw to appear in the DIY department. It is distinguished by its unique and easily recognizable imprint. Its head indeed carries a star with 6 branches whose ends are rounded. Torx being the registered trademark, the terms “star screw” or “6-lobe screw” can also be used to designate it. Torx screws are also called star head screws. The Torx screw is available in several sizes, from T 1 for the smallest to T 100 for the larger ones. In addition, there are several models.

We can cite for example the tamper-proof Torx screws. As for the so-called “Torx Tamper Resistant” and “Torx Plus” screws, they are even more  resistant, both to wear and to jamming. Thus, they do not move if someone tries to force them with an unsuitable tool. Because Torx screws require the use of specific tools.

The specific imprint of Torx screws has been applied to different types of screws, for all types of work: anti-splitting wood screws, screws for metals, screws for decks… They are available in “male” and “female” versions. Note that a variant of the Torx screw, TTAP drive is also available on the market. However, it is specific because it can be used with Torx tools, but not the other way around.

More expensive to buy, however, Torx screws have many advantages in their use.

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The advantages of Torx Screws

Not all screws are created equal, and depending on your purpose, some will be more appropriate than others. The Torx screw, when used with the right tools, has many advantages.

Its specific imprint invites the corresponding key to insert itself into it deeply, to fully embrace its shape. This large contact area between the screw and the tool helps to respect the impression and not to deform it. Indeed, the symbiosis being perfect, there is no need to force to screw. The risk of “slipping” and therefore of deformation of the screw is reduced, which will facilitate its subsequent unscrewing if, however, this operation is necessary.

As the risk of “slipping” is almost zero, it becomes more difficult to injure yourself during the tightening / unscrewing operation. Keeping the key in place also saves time. The mouthpiece is damaged less quickly. The tool used is thus preserved from scratches or breakages, and its longevity is only increased. The use of this type of tool therefore directly complements protective clothing during your DIY activities.

What Are the Torx Screw Common Uses?

The characteristics of Torx screws have made their uses popular in many fields. Electronics is an area where they are widely used, especially in their smaller sizes. They are found in particular in smartphones or in computers. This type of screw is also used in the industry, in particular, because it is particularly suitable for automated manufacturing. They are thus found, for example, on assembly and assembly lines in the automotive industry. They are also more and more numerous to be used in the manufacture of household appliances.

They can also be found in the construction industry, although they are used there to a lesser extent. Torx screws have also joined the toolboxes and workbenches of many craftsmen.

For the time being, their use remains quite rare by individuals, in particular, because of their additional cost and the need for specific tools. However, Torx screws are sold in large DIY stores and specialty stores frequented by individuals. They can, therefore, if they wish, equip themselves and use them for their work requiring screwing operations.

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What Tools are Needed to Use a Torx Screw?

The particular shape of the Torx screw recess, therefore, requires the use of suitable tools. There are several kinds. In fact, all the traditional tools used in screwing/unscrewing activities have been adapted to this 6-lobe star shape.

Thus, there are particular sets of tightening wrenches, in male and female versions, in particular available in great variety on RS Components. Wr inches with sockets and bits are also designed to accommodate all screw sizes. They will be useful in particular for the step of unscrewing a Torx screw. Screwdrivers have also been fitted with specific bits, matching the footprint of Torx screws. There are also the following variations: ratchet screwdriver, precision screwdriver, magnetic screwdriver …

As with other forms of screws, tools can be purchased individually, but sets and sets of the main tools for working with Torx screws are also available and often more economical.

It is important to note that the TTAP screw can be worked with the same tools as its cousin the Torx screw. Torx tools are indeed compatible, although specific tools for TTAP use have been developed. However, TTAP tools will not be of any use to you for screwing in or unscrewing a Torx screw. They turn out to be incompatible.

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To Conclude on This Type of Screw

The Torx screw has won over professionals thanks to its strength. Despite its price and the fact that specific tools are required, the security it provides by its difficulty to be forced and the slower wear of the tips make it nevertheless advantageous. Increasingly used to the detriment of other forms of imprints, the 6-lobe star screw has established itself in various high-tech industries, and could well attract more and more individuals.

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