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Warmq Utility Knife 2-Pack

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Utility Knife are made of high-quality steel handle and non-slip ABS grip to provide you with more safety, gives you a firm hold in any situation. Box cutters retractable have 20 pieces ultra sharpness blade.


  • DURABLE BOX CUTTER & SAFE DESIGN — Utility Knife is made of a high-quality steel handle and non-slip ABS grip to provide you with more safety, giving you a firm hold in any situation. Box cutters retractable have 20 pieces ultra sharpness blade.
  • REPLACING BLADES HASSLE-FREE — Utility knife blades are really thin and sharp, easy to replace, lightweight and compact which makes it easy to take anywhere, box cutter knives come with a belt clip included that you can carry it on your belt, pocket, or bag in outdoor use.
  • BLADE STORAGE DESIGN — Box cutter has extra 3 blades in every back of handle for easy and quick use, 26 blades in total, folding and Retractable utility knife function design meet almost all needs in the household or working condition.
  • HUMANIZED & MULTI-POSITION DESIGN — ①Ergonomical and rubbery handle always provides strong grip. Using utility knives by simply pushing the head-cover of the blade. ②The multi-position is designed for various needs of cutting and safety.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE — You will get 2-pack utility knife green (box cutters retractable and folding utility knives, extra 20-pieces blades included(2 boxes). VIGRUE utility knife is provided with high durability and is long-lasting.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE — We are confident in VIGRUE box cutters, believe you won’t be disappointed if you buy them, if you have any problems with our product, please contact me at any time.

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  1. richard kisscik

    My old box cutter broke, where I needed a new one, and I found this set that looked really nice. Out of the box, both cutters have weight and feel real good in the hand. I have to say, the folder up one, was the one I was highly interested in and I was not disappointed. Every piece of this knife work really well. Easy to told out, safety button very easy to press and once locked it stays locked until that button is pressed too. Blade comes out perfectly when the release button is pressed and never slid out once when locked into place. Very comfortable to put in the pocket too. The other straight retractable knife feels good in the hand too. When doing a lot of cut and throw old boxes into the trash, I pick this one, it has a slide that locks the blade in the out position and back again, however it also has a top slide that intermittently sets the blade out, and then back automatically…for those cut and throw and not worry about cutting the hand. Really like both of these, very unique and highly beneficial to me. No cons, these are great knives, where I am very happy with the purchase.

    richard kisscik

  2. jenny

    I have never seen better designed utility knives and I’ve used them for more than fifty years. I wish I could meet the person or team that designed these. They’re brilliant. They are different from one another. The folding knife has positive stops which are useful and robust–no wiggle. The retractable knife has the button to move the blade positioned in such a way as to prevent accidental actuation. Access to the spare blades in the handle is quick and easy. The knives feel solid, yet not heavy. It would be hard to design any improvements in these that were not minor and incremental. If I never have access to a better utility knife for the rest of my life that will cause no problem (unlike for instance computer design– we are still in the Stone Age of Computing.)” Again– these are utterly brilliant, and insofar as is possible with Very Sharp Things, safe. Very highest recommendation.


  3. Doug Hubbard

    I had a ton of cardboard to break down and my existing utility knives were getting pretty gunked up from outdoor use (mud, gravel etc) so I took a chance on these.
    They are now my go to utility knives, especially the fold out version.
    Good hand feel, good grip and blade storage along with easy change of blades.
    Great purchase and the included blades seem to be just fine

    Doug Hubbard

  4. Rob

    These are nice and I like that they store extra blades; however, the blade does not extend as far as other knives I have. I find this makes them a little harder to use in some situations as the handles gets in the way of what I’m cutting, so have to work in a slightly different position.

    I don’t see a way to change position of blade. Will keep, but buy other in the future if needed.


  5. assassin

    The blade is very sharp and easy to replace. The appearance is also nice and easy to store. I like it very much, but the folded blade seems to be broken. The blade falls off during use, which is dangerous. The seller should check whether the knife is safe before shipping, the blade is too sharp. You will get hurt if you are not careful.


  6. Tim

    So if you order a lot from Amazon like I do then I highly recommend these utility knives. They are very sharp and easily cut through the tape. I’m happy to have two of them so if I end up putting one somewhere and forget there is a good chance I can find the other. They are safe as I can fold it up and lock it.


  7. TOM

    Best thing since sliced bread!!!I love these. I can¡¯t tell you how handy they have become opening boxes. Or opening plastic container wraps that refuse to tear. Or cutting off mailing tape. I¡¯d be lost without these. Very quality made, thick holder, easy to use. Excellent buy great gift for man or woman


  8. Summer shopping

    Cuts through cardboard like butter. All my other knives need to cut it multiple times. I don’t know if this is the best knife ever made, or all my other knives are crap lol. Even in poor lighting conditions without much pressure on the knife it still cuts well. I was skeptical of other reviews at first, but this has exceeded my expectations. The knife comes with too different knives, if you are too chicken to use the folding knife it comes with a safer looking exacto type knife. The artistic design of these knives is also exquisite and classy.

    My only gripes are the bonus container was hard to open. Also the bonus blades seem greasy. At first I thought grease was the secret ingredient of why it cuts so good. But the main blade doesn’t seem greasy at all. Maybe the grease is to make the bonus blades last longer in storage, idk. My other gripe is debris seems to get lodged into the blade compartment.

    Summer shopping

  9. EJake

    This set of utility/box cutters is inexpensive and works great. They feel great in hand and appear to be very durable. The fold out blade comes with a blade guard that covers the blade as it is folded out, and can be locked in three different positions – 45o, 90o, and 180o angles. Each cutter is also designed to be used as either a wire or seatbelt cutter, where a small notch with a portion of the blade is exposed when the blade is in its closed position. Although the set includes 20 extra replacement blades, each cutter includes three extra blades in its storage compartments along with the blade that is already attached – a total of 28 blades.


  10. Caleb Sullivan

    Both knives perform well and feel okay (a tad on the bulky side for me but i also have small hands) in the hand the when using them they are not slippery and cutting things feels natural when using either of them for the most part they are everything the description claims them to be my only complaints being the bulkiness and woth the folding model tape and debris get easily lodged between the blade where it pivots and can cause some issues when opening and closing it aside from those minor things they are both a good overall products

    Caleb Sullivan

  11. P-love

    What I like about this is the look , as appose to the old gray style utility, box cutter knife. It has a great textured, rubber feel. I love it. I was tired of trying to break apart empty amazon boxes. these knifes make short order of the the boxes. I even pushed it through the side of a soda can with ease. I then cut down through the can, without using a sawing motion, as easy, if not easier, than cutting through a cardboard box.
    The second knife I clip on my pant pocket. I am always having to use it to cut, slice, prick something through my daily life. I would definitely by this again or as a gift


  12. Amazon Customer

    Two for one is a great deal, problem I had is when cutting the blade doesn’t stick out with so the grip will caught first sometimes. Also the smaller foldable blade broke after a few uses. Big blade is good so far

    Amazon Customer

  13. plumcreative

    Cutters are sturdy and– the best thing– extra blades store in handles. I like convenient things and this feature is super as I rarely remember where I put extra blades. I plan to buy these for my daughter and son-in-law too since they have few tools and I help them with projects at their house. This way I know I will have a decent utility knife when I go there.


  14. MD

    What do you get here? In the box, not one, but TWO heavy duty utility knives, not one but TWO packs of blades (20 blades total). This is a seriously good deal.

    You get a smaller, folding utility knife that locks in any of three positions ( from ninety degrees, to a slight angle, to fully straight), with a quick change blade release, a blade guard, and, tucked into the handle, just squeeze and swing open the top of the grip, and inside is three more blades! No more hunting in the tool box for your spares — you have one ready to go, and three for back up.

    You then ALSO get a larger, fuller sized utility knife, with instant slide out/auto retract button on top for quick deployment, a two position slide and lock button on the side, integrated string/strap cutter behind the blade, the same quick release blade removal and replacement button, and, yes, once again, hidden in the handle, another extra three blades!

    What do I Iove about these? Well, for starters, the ergonomic fit is great in the hand. Super comfortable. We get packages all day long, and it’s a joy to open them with either of these. And, just the range of conveniences for use. I can’t even think how it could be any better made, and the blades on board is such a terrific idea.

    I bought something similar, years back. It cost three times as much, for just one, and came with zero extra blades. This is a terrific bargain for a terrific utility/box cutter knife.

    Safe, packed with extras, durable and I won’t need to buy more blades for probably a year!

    Very pleased with this buy, and easily can recommend it. Five stars all day.