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WARMQ Undercarriage Sprayer

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This undercarriage pressure washer features an 16” cleaning path, 4 high pressure nozzles, and durable colored wheels design, 4X faster than traditional cleaning way. Especially the under car cleaning effect, you will see how well this undercarriage sprayer does at cleaning the underneath of your car, truck.


  • 【Undercarriage Cleaner & Pressure Washer Broom】4000PSI MAX, the pressure washer attachment with 2 position pivot to change the cleaning mode. Combined undercarriage and surface cleaning, saves time, energy and water. This water broom recommended for cleaning driveways, wood decks, and car chassis.
  • 【4X Efficient Under Car Washing】This undercarriage pressure washer features an 16” cleaning path, 4 high pressure nozzles, and durable colored wheels design, 4X faster than traditional cleaning way. Especially the under car cleaning effect, you will see how well this undercarriage sprayer does at cleaning the underneath of your car, truck.
  • 【Car Washing Helper】This power washer attachment comes with all the quick attachments you need to use this sprayer out of the box! Even the extension wand degree is the best result after multiple tests, connect each parts with 1/4 quick connecor plug to avoid annoying water leakage.
  • 【Easy Operation】With Two-Position Pivot, pulling out the knob and pivoting to sencond position for undercarriage cleaning. This tool is perfect to clean your undercarriage after off-roading or driving in snow. Quick attachment to your pressure washer to clean and easily convert to a water broom to sweep the floor.
  • 【Professional Aftersales Service】Fast shipping, 3-7 business days to arrive. 30 days no risk-return and 2-year assurance, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the after sales services. WARMQ is always your trusted tool supplier.



Based on 19 reviews

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  1. Edwin Martinez

    Assembled per directions with 25¡¯ hose. My cars undercarriages are about one foot above the ground. Water pressure looks cute but is very weak. Three inches beyond the jets the water simply mists. It is nothing but a cute rinse for what you¡¯ll have scrubbed or blasted off with some other device.

    Edwin Martinez

  2. Adam

    Works great. The large wheels make a huge difference when not using on flat surfaces.


  3. Stouffer

    Works well except it leaves stripes in concrete. It works well for a quick prewash to remove debris before hitting the concrete with a surface cleaner.


  4. CC

    Disappointed on delivery date. Chose this supplier based on delivery date and item was in stock They didn¡¯t send a delayed delivery update til expected delivery date. If I would¡¯ve known at order I would¡¯ve chose another supplier. Also brass fitting already broke after 1 use luckily we have the means to fix.


  5. tttt

    Awesome little tool! Works great and makes car washes easier after a day on the trails.


  6. Customer

    Sprayer book worked great used both as a broom and to wash under side of vehicle.


  7. awin

    This is amazing made cleaning the bottom of my Jeep so much easier and when I was done I power washed the floor win win


  8. Barry J Gerhardt

    Better than just using the pressure washer wand but it left lines on my asphalt because the pressure wasn¡¯t even across the width.

    Barry J Gerhardt

  9. Babyyuhjaa

    This is a great undercarriage washer with a great smooth wheels. A must have if you live in the north region where they spray loads of salt in winter.


  10. Ret

    Works great for power washing the underneath of vehicles but when you turn it upside down to do the driveways the pressure washer lifts it up off the ground so you have to hold it down


  11. Charles Hunter

    Able to reach most the whole widths of my vehicles from one side. I like the concept as my pickup trucks cannot go through standard vehicle car wash’s.

    Charles Hunter

  12. Scott S.

    Finally had a chance to use this. Getting it up and running is quick and easy. Would be great if it felt a little more solid and sturdy. Sometimes feels a bit flimsy. Over all, decent for the cost and works as described. I’d buy again for what it’s needed and used for

    Scott S.

  13. Richard L.

    Very well built and should last a long time. Makes cleaning an undercarriage much easier! And you can flip it to wash your concrete slab or driveway.

    Richard L.

  14. Just a Dad

    I was really excited to get this because I thought the idea was brilliant. Unfortunately when connected to high pressure you can’t control where it goes. The quick connects on it make it unwieldy. They should design something to prevent them from spinning freely. Also the short wands they give you must be connected to the end of your gun since they are all quick connects. That causes a weird problem when you connect the 90 degree one since you must hold it higher than normal to use it. A 30 or 45 degree wand would make more sense and be better.

    As much as I wanted to love this, I had to return it. It’s not that it didn’t function but that it’s designed not to function. I can’t have something that sprays high pressure that I can’t easily control.

    Just a Dad

  15. mikel berry

    I have a nice patio out back, with a BBQ grill right at the edge. I have a two car garage and drive way. All are beginning to show stains from cooking spatters or automotive petrochemicals.

    I have two pressure washers. The electric one was the first, because of the low cost and simplicity. No gas, no oil, no mess. And, it’s just easier to keep it up and running. But, it’s not very powerful. So, next came the gas powered one (in the picture). It’s a little more upkeep. But, it’s much more powerful.

    I’ve used the gas powered on the drive before. It gets the surface grime off pretty easily. But, getting a uniform clean takes a lot of effort and time. Hard work.

    Then I saw this water broom from WARMQ. I’ve seen something like this used by professionals before. So, when I spotted this one, I already had the notion that it would work. I was right.

    First, this will NOT work with my electric one. The gun on the electric one will only accept a ‘bayonet’ style wand, probably because that style is designed specifically for the washers with lower pressure.

    As for my gas powered one, it’s powerful enough. However, it’s still a lot of physical work and because you can’t really regulate your stroke, pace or pressure very well the finish is not very uniform.

    If you look at the picture, you can see how I hooked up the WARMQ ‘water broom’ to my Ryobi pressure washer. I left off the bent wand and one section of the straight. This was the only way that looked rational to me. You can still tilt the ‘broom’ to straight out, down or up by 90*. It works very well. I am able to get a very clean surface, with very little effort. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

    mikel berry

  16. TheBallHawk

    Great water broom that I used with my Simmons 3500psi pressure washer. Have used more than a dozen times the past two months cleaning the driveways and sidewalks of my own home, parents and siblings. Not sure about the rating categories of sheerness and warmth, but it’s sturdy and the higher wheel-height combined with quality wheels makes it much easier to use than the prior low-profile water broom I had.


  17. Steve Yates

    I purchased this to wash the undercarriage of our vehicles that get coated with salt in the winter months. The spray pattern is perfect, as the spray from each nozzle overlaps the next with no gaps, and is powerful enough with my pressure washer to wash the dirt and salt from underneath. I could see that with a high clearence vehicle like my Jeep Wrangler, it might not be sufficient to wash everything after being used off road, but since I didn’t purchase it for this, I wouldn’t count this against it.
    Cons: As some have mentioned, the 90 degree section is pretty useless. When I use it like it recommends, the pressure washer trigger is above eye level, so I had to keep it at an angle to use it. I will be looking for a 45 degree section to replace this. This is why I subtracted one point in my rating.
    I tried to use it as a “broom” but found this pretty useless also. With the 90 degree section it flies off the ground making it hard to control. Without the 90 degree section, it sprays back towards you

    Steve Yates

  18. David H.

    I’ve been putting off washing the cars for awhile because it’s a lot of work LOL. I got this because it saves me the trouble of getting down on the ground to wash the undercarriage and getting wet in the process. It definitely not a necessity but it does makes things super easy. Hook up was relatively quick and easy. The extension reach far enough under the car but not far enough to reach the car side to side. Have to do a walk around but that’s to be expected.

    One of my cars sits really really low to the ground so unfortunately this didn’t fit underneath it. I put some 2x4s in front of each wheels and drove on it but do this at your own discretion. It worked out for me. The other cars was an SUV so it had plenty of room.

    Its strong enough for washing the undercarriage… not sure if this would be strong enough to clean the concrete of your driveway. I don’t have any intention of doing this, but if you plan to, you can change the nozzles direction to point downward. You have to pull the “pin” thingy at the coupling end where you connect extension to the broom itself. Pull the pin and swivel the broom.

    All in all in works and makes life a little easier. No leaks so far. Hope it holds up!

    David H.

  19. iaguy50021

    I am giving the following product 4 stars instead of 5 stars because I find the attachments to be a little flimsy.

    I have attached a video of me using this product on my garage floor. I used the two extenders to hook up to my power washer wand which is a Sun Joe. As the push the floor sprayer along, which rolls smoothly along the concrete floor, the metal extenders seem to have a little wiggly to them and not a tight sturdy fit. If you hold your hand over one of the interlocking pieces, close to your washer wand, the wiggling and flimsiness of the extender arm doesn’t seem to move as much.

    Other than this little annoyance, it seems to be a good floor cleaner. I have not tried using it under my car as of yet.