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Warmq Brush Set for Car

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  • Dual Mode Pressure Washer Attachment – designed as undercarriage cleaner and water broom, clean better and faster. Easily change the cleaning mode with the pivoting coupler by adjusting nozzles up and down. Save you money and effort on daily cleaning.


  • Dual Mode Pressure Washer Attachment – designed as undercarriage cleaner and water broom, clean better and faster. Easily change the cleaning mode with the pivoting coupler by adjusting nozzles up and down. Save you money and effort on daily cleaning.
  • Quick Connect Extension Wands & Wash Mitt – tcomes with a 14″ 90 degree curved pressure washer wand and two 16″ straight wands, smoothly get to the car underneath with less effort, all parts have a quick-connect plug, easily connect/release to many pressure washers for different cleaning needs. Large size wash mitt for car body cleaning.
  • Thoroughly & Quickly Chassis Driveway Cleaning – 2-in-1 pressure washer broom undercarriage sprayer allows hot/cold water, MAX 4000PSI. Whether you’re cleaning the bottom of vehicles or your deck, patio, driveway, or poolside, this attachment is a must-have for anyone who wants to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Best Choice for Self Use or Gift! – Power washer attachments are very high and built to last, you’ll know when you hold them. 4 stainless nozzles provide high water pressure and precise water flow even for Lawn Irrigation, two cool rubber wheels can fit in tight spaces for complete cleaning. 16″ portable size for easy storage.
  • GREAT BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – Still hesitating? WARMQ under-car washer pressure washer surface cleaner frees you from heavy car cleaning, makes cleaning up a snap, and 12-month worry-free guarantee and 7/24 online after-sale service for you!

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  1. Ashley Shaner

    Great kit for keeping your car clean. The wheel cleaner works well. Stiff enough bristles bristles to remove the grime, but soft enough that I¡¯m not worried about scratches. The little brushes are great for car vents and reaching all the nooks and crannies. The hand washing mitt is perfect for getting the car clean. Soft and effective. Pretty priced than buying everything separately. I definitely recommend if you¡¯re wanting to detail your own car.

    Ashley Shaner

  2. PD

    There’s a lot of these car detail sets going around, but for the price, what you get in this set is actually pretty decent. I have a ton of car detailing tools that I purchased separately but if you’re new to this, start with this set. The one impressive thing is the number of interior detail brushes in SEVERAL different sizes which you actually will use for all the different challenges even getting your own car clean.


  3. geoff

    This car detailing kit is a great set to buy if you want to get started in thoroughly cleaning your car, the wash mitt is soft and is great at picking dirt and grime off the paint. The included brushes are great for cleaning wheels and interior trim pieces. With the included wheel brush this kit allows you to get your wheels sparkingly clean if you have the proper soap as well, personally I use meguiars ultimate wheel cleaner or chemical guys wheel cleaner. If you have two 5 gallon buckets this is the perfect kit for you, as it can get you started properly washing your car with the 2 bucket method.


  4. Michael

    I have been detailing my own cars for year and saw an opportunity to expand my supplies with this kit. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend for the following reason:
    1. The main wheel brush is made of a very aggressive nylon that will scratch higher end wheels. The steel spine is also not protected and will eventually rust.
    2. The little brushes have soft nylon, but arrived uneven with strands coming out
    3. The wash mitt is okay, but not the best weave. I won’t be using it on my Shelby or motorcycles.

    All in all, I give this kit 2 stars (I’ve seen worse) and recommend you invest the money into something that is not going to damage or scratch your ride.


  5. NIK

    Of all of the components of the VIGRUE 10Pcs Wheel Brush Kit – the Long Soft Bristle Wheel Rim Brush is the best component. It works very well, especially when used with a good wheel cleaning solution.

    Oddly enough, the Large Size Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt seems to neutralize the soap suds for some reason. It also leeches a small amount of green dye into the wash water.

    The other components, 5 Sizes Boar Hair Car Detailing Brushes, and 3Pcs Mini Wire Brushes are not particularly useful for me because I don¡¯t feel the need to detail my truck to that extent. But if you do like to detail every nook and cranny of your car or truck these components should help.


  6. kenneth davis

    I got this kit to give more attention to things during detailing my car.

    This are absolutely amazing. I love that the kit includes brushes for every need in the car. The wheel and rim brush is amazing. it gets in all the crevices to ensure that your wheels are left with no dirt on them. I even use one of the detailing brushes to get the dirt around the lug nuts on the wheel. The detailing brushes are great to use inside the car. The fact that it includes different sized brush is great because you have one to use in specific places. The detailing brushes are not too soft or too hard and they remove dirt and grime amazingly. The wire brushes worked great in removing some minor rust I had on the rear of my car without damaging the paint. They have multiple uses but I only used one to remove the slight rust. And the wash mitt is just another great addition to the kit. you can never have to many wash mitts.

    I definitely recommend this wash kit if you are looking for a reasonably priced kit that includes items you would otherwise have to buy separately at higher prices. Everything worked great for me and I’m sure it will for you too.

    kenneth davis

  7. Hailey

    Love it


  8. Donald T

    The price is right and the quality is good.

    Donald T

  9. okbba

    Im very satisfied from your product
    Its amazing
    Thank you 🙂


  10. Stephanie N.

    I bought these for our car and every time we wash our car my boyfriend uses them

    Stephanie N.

  11. Michael White

    This is an awesome product. I would certainly recommend it to others.

    Michael White

  12. keith boyer

    Awsome product. Cleaned good

    keith boyer

  13. I like it,also the value.

    Great price, I bought them to use when I wash my dirt bike. Help clean in places you can¡¯t get to with a wash mitt.

    I like it,also the value.

  14. Jay

    I like it,also the value.


  15. jordan Diaz

    Like the wheel brush cleaner cleans hard to get area with out the hard part of using my hand. use to wash the deep part of the wheel by hand now I can clean the rim without hitting my hand on the rim from scrubbing. The wash cloth is just as I needed to clean my car. Perfect little detail kit for low price.

    jordan Diaz

  16. ?Customer

    I¡¯ve used the wire brush and microfiber wash mitt recently and was pleased with the results. The wire brush allowed me to clean out dirt in between the spokes on the rims. I would recommend these brushes to anyone who is serious about detailing their car.


  17. Rods 88

    No dislikes was everything I expected

    Rods 88

  18. Randy Hansen

    No complaints. The product was as expected. Good quality. Groin product for the price.

    Randy Hansen

  19. Mr.Broadway

    I haven’t used everything in the kit but what I do use works good 👌🏼


  20. T W

    I bought this for my son and his first car. He has already used it twice. sharing the responsibility of maintaining your vehicle with my kid, cool. This is a good set and seems durable. Very happy with my purchase

    T W