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You may also be familiar with it: after work, a session in the gym, or a stroll through town, you take colleagues or acquaintances with you in your car – and you feel ashamed because you have to use eleven handkerchiefs and six empty biscuit packs before you get in have to vacate the passenger seat. If you feel addressed now, here are some tips that you can use to keep your car clean in the future.

Granola cans for garbage and packaging

First, you declare war on gum paper, tank receipts, and loose packaging. Small trash bins that you put in the compartment in your door work wonders. You can use elongated cereal cans or a cut-to-size tissue box for this. In this way, you can collect your rubbish conveniently and conceal it in one place without distributing it throughout the interior of the car. You can also dispose of leftover food here – especially in this case, don’t forget to empty the box after your journey.

Speaking of leftover food, try to avoid eating and drinking while driving. Sure, there is nothing wrong with a few sips from the water bottle – it looks different with crumbly rolls or hot cappuccino in a to-go cup. On the one hand, no matter how hard you try, a few crumbs always land on the upholstery, on the other hand, you are distracted and cannot fully concentrate on the traffic. It is better to quench your hunger and thirst in a parking lot – you can also dispose of the packaging directly here.

Hooks for handbags and shopping bags

Instead of placing shopping bags or bags on the front passenger seat and distributing the contents in the next sharp bend in the entire footwell, you can hang them on small hooks that you attach to the headrest of the front passenger or rear seat. Abrupt driving maneuvers are no longer a problem – at least the contents of the bag or bag remain in place.

Another annoyance that occurs frequently: the smartphone or key ring slips out of your pocket and disappears into the narrow slot between the seat and the center console. You can prevent this by placing small pillow rolls or cut-to-size pieces of foam in the space. Alternatively, there are narrow storage boxes and removable compartments that you can place in the space in between. So crawling around in the footwell looking for your cell phone is a thing of the past!

Seat covers against dirt and dog hair

If you have a dog, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar with dog hair inside the vehicle. If you want to counteract this, get seat covers that you layout on the back seat. Depending on the model, these protect both the rear seats and the back of the front seats from hair, scratches in the upholstery, and other damage and dirt.

There are also special step protection covers for the back of the front seats that protect your upholstery from dirt and abrasion, for example from muddy children’s shoes. Most of the protective covers are easy to clean – a damp cloth is usually sufficient to wipe them off!

Emergency kit for the glove compartment

Of course, not all pollution can be prevented. Therefore, you should always have a small emergency kit with you in your glove box or trunk, consisting of a dust catcher, baby wipes, and a small brush.

With the dust catcher, you can wipe the dust off the dashboard and the cockpit at regular intervals so that a thick layer of dust cannot form in the first place. With the damp baby wipes, you can also get on the dust or remove grease stains on the car radio, for example. Finally, use the brush to scrub light dirt off the upholstery.

With our tips, you can keep your car clean and tidy in the future – and you can take colleagues, acquaintances, and friends with you with a clear conscience. And let’s be honest: you certainly feel more comfortable in a clean car. We wish you a good (and clean) journey!

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