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How to Maintain Hedge Trimmer? Leave a comment

Your hedge trimmer no longer works like clockwork?

Our maintenance tips will ensure optimum cutting results again!

Do you store your electric hedge trimmer in liquid? No? Then it’s time to give the tools a bath! But before starting the procedure, you should first remove any dirt from the scissors, as the unit should be cleaned after working on the hedge and before each storage. Make sure to turn off the hedge trimmer while cleaning to reduce the risk of injury. To use a cordless hedge trimmer, simply remove the batteries (remove┬áthe batteries). For electric hedge trimmers, simply disconnect the plug from the power supply. The equipment is ready to go into the cleaning phase.

Well preserved knives for best cutting results

Now remove dirt or grime such as twigs, resin and moisture with a damp cloth. During this time, it is worth opening the hedge trimmer briefly from time to time to loosen any residue left behind. For your own safety, turn the unit on briefly as described above and then turn it off again to continue cleaning. After loosening and removing the “tangible dirt”, use a conditioning product to remove the stubborn dirt.

Hedge trimmers feel at home in the oil

The electric hedge trimmer is equipped with a suitable protective cover that completely covers the cutting blades. This is used to protect the blades from dust and dirt during storage on the one hand and to minimize the risk of injury on the other.

To maintain the scissors, you can fill the arrow bag with oil and store the cutting blades in it. In this way, the tools are not only optimally protected, but are also taken care of during storage and do not stick to dust. It is worthwhile to carry out this procedure in the autumn or winter when your hedge trimmer will not be used for a long time.

Of course, if you use your hedge trimmer regularly, it is not always necessary to spend a lot of time in the oil bath to maintain it. Instead, it is recommended to clean the unit after use, remove dirt and lightly oil the knives. It is also important that the oil reaches the space between the two. You can open the hedge trimmer briefly after oiling it. In this way, the oil is also distributed into the space between them.

Proper care for frequent use: Care for your hedge trimmer with care oils or care sprays

Care oils and sprays are ideal for care. For long-term lubrication, chainsaw oil is also a good alternative for maintaining the cutting blades. On the other hand, you should not use penetrating oils because while they dissolve rust, they will wash off the grease from the bearings if you use them frequently.

To summarize.

Remove light dirt and leaves first, then use a conditioning spray to remove coarse dirt, then oil the cutting blades before storing them.

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